APLUS Système Automation presents the MIL PIP 40 range

Computers hardened to the extreme

MPL Série PIP 40

Available from the Celeron G49930E to the Xeon E2276, the MIL PIP40 range of computers are designed to operate in the harshest environments.
Whether they are subjected to severe mechanical constraints or high ambient temperatures, they are designed to make the most of the computing power they carry.

MPL PIP 40 IP67 certified range

MIL PIP40 computers are IP67 waterproof. They can be equipped with either 38999 series or M12 series connectors.



MIL PIP40 computers have a lifespan beyond 10 years and repairability beyond 20 years.

Highlights :
    – Start-up and operation from -40 to +65°C
    – Compliance with military standards MIL STD 461 and MIL STD 810
    – Wide range of computing power (Celeron Core i3, Core i7, Xeon E-2200)
    – Up to 64 GB of DDR4 RAM
    – Encryption according to TPM 2.0

With MPL’s SWaP-C customization solutions, we can meet the most specific needs.