2U Militarized Workstation with High Mechanical Strength

APLUS Système Automation introduces the 5th generation of its Rugged Servers and workstations. Let’s see their high mechanical resistance.

A lot of workstations on the market offer high graphical performances. How many of them are able to keep those performances when subjected to high mechanical stress?

To stand out from the competition, APLUS Système Automation decided to manufacture a new generation of workstations, able to give the best performances while being deployed in the field. That is why our militarized 2U Workstation has been tested as operating with very high mechanical constraints.

As a result, our product perfectly fit and operate in the harshest environments, even deployed in reinforced off-roads vehicles or helicopter gunships.


CPU Intel Xeon

Xeon E-2200
+ GPU Card

Shock & Vibration

Shock: 20g 18ms
Random Vibration: Max PSD 2,5(m/s²)²/Hz Equivalent to 18m/s² RMS during 8 hours/axis

The APLUS 2U Militarized Workstation electronic core is mounted on a 5 mm thick stainless steel stiffener, to guarantee the protection of the electronic cards against the risk of distortion and fatigue. All add-on boards are held thanks to a lock bar, to assure a perfect support. APLUS Système Automation has also developed a specific manufacturing process, using various types of glues and flanges to keep the heavy elements totally still and safe.

The MW2U5.2 perfectly meets industrial and military requirements, including the MIL-STD-810 & MIL-STD-167, in relation to mechanical stress. The MW2U5.2 is also optimized for working on the field with high temperature and high level of radiation.
Whether you choose the W2U5.2 workstations or the S2U5 servers, in industrial, rugged or militarized grade, they will bring you the greatest performances every time, in every situation.