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Servers and workstations offered by APLUS Système Automation are tough, rugged and have been developed to support applications specifically for defense and security use. Whether economical computing power is required with low power consumption, we can offer you the specific computer needed.

Our solutions have the greatest possible level of customisation to suit your needs. In the rugged PC range, fanless PC’s are available as featured on this site.

APLUS Système Automation is a rugged and military specification computer specialist. These are assembled at our premises based in France. Component quality plus our knowledge and experience since 1988, allow us to obtain computers that are perfectly adapted to extreme conditions, being dust and shock resistant. Being able to tolerate vibrations or electromagnetics.


Our range of workstations and servers are designed to be extremely versatile. They are available with a variety of power sources:

  • – Continuous current: We can offer power packs from 18V up to 72V.
  • – Alternating current: We are able to supply 90V up to 264V (47-63 hz) power solutions.

Servers and workstations can be supplied with a 1.8” or 2.5” mass memory in-house, giving up to 9 discs or SSD drives, that can be slid out from the front.

Our chassis versatility makes it possible to provide computers that can contain up to 7 low profile locations or long full-height cards

APLUS Système automation‘s servers and workstations come with computing powers which are in line with low consumption processors (for example the Intel Atom) up to multi-processor solutions (such as the Intel Xeon SP).

Designed for critical applications, the APLUS Système Automation range of servers and workstations incorporate technologies needed for applications that need to work in harsh environments. Including card blocking bars, honeycomb openings, or a silent block ventilation, which are typical examples of the technologies provided with our range of servers and workstations.