The Sales Representative is your key contact during Design phase, regarding administrative and commercial matters. His experience provides a wealth of added value, thanks in particular to his knowledge of the technologies used.

The way we follow up:

  • – Management of terminology (evolution and traceability).
  • – Documentation (definition files and user manuals).
  • – Qualification tests coaching and monitoring.
  • – Customer/Business stock management.
  • – Qualified solutions lifetime in line with customers validation processes.
  • – Certified products: Rugged in EMC, thermal or mechanical, these products have been conceived for extreme operating conditions.
S2U5 Server | APLUS Système Automation

and Development

Research and Development

APLUS Système Automation plays the role of prime contractor for the development of new products. We work in close collaboration with different partners depending on developed products.

and logistics

Means and Production Capacity

  • – Parts store
  • – Receptions & expeditions areas
  • – 8 production & assembly lines
  • – 2 software installation lines
  • – 2 burning & final tests lines


After-Sales Service

  • – On-premises repair
  • – On site installation & maintenance
  • – Hotline


Quality service

For many years, we have been working with a rigorous methodology, in compliance with our Quality Manual. APLUS Système Automation is ISO 9001 certified.

We have in our production and testing lines various tools including:

Climate chamber

A steamer that can be used for pre-qualification testing and pre-delivery validations.

Electrical safety measuring unit

Various electrical performance measurement tools to ensure electrical safety norms.

Disk duplication unit

A production data archiving system that includes customer disk images, manufacturing records and test results.