APLUS Système Automation delivers a turnkey solution, as per your specifications. Our experience of complex electronic systems will guarantee you, relevant services according to your needs. Our Sales Representatives can provide you with all the skills required to create the solution that will meet all your performance, environmental and competitive needs.

1U, 2U, 4U, Servers & Workstations
Military Grade Computers
PCIe Boards, Embedded Boards & Modules
Panel PCs & Monitors
Wide Area Networks
Wide Area Networks
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We also benefit from a network of well-established partners in the embedded world. APLUS Système Automation provides you with an in-house capacity for electronic and mechanical developments. Our integration department provides all services, from mechanical and electrical assembly to final tests for prototyping, or for manufacture of multi-unit systems. Manufacturing records are created for each customer product which guarantees the quality of our systems.

Technologies for rugged embedded systems

Rugged embedded systems for military and industrial fields, must withstand strict environmental conditions on the ground. They also must demonstrating outstanding reliability. To meet these requirements, APLUS Système Automation designs and manufactures rugged embedded computers. These use our knowledge to define the mechanical, electronic and software architecture fitting the project.

temperature behaviour

Temperature resistance

This is obtained using in our designs, one or more of the following technologies:

  • – Smart Fans
  • – Heatpipes
  • – Optimized Louvers for chassis passive cooling
  • – Low Power CPUs
  • – …

mechanical characteristics

Mechanical strength

We provide solutions to manufacture lightweight solid systems, using:

  • – Ribs
  • – Reinforcement bars
  • – Stiffeners
  • – Soft or hard glue depending on the required elasticity
  • – …

electro-magnetic resistance

Electro-magnetic resistance

This goes thru cases as close as possible to a Faraday cage, using:

  • – Honeycomb shaped holes
  • – Conductive seals
  • – Power supply filters
  • – …

Technical expertise and skills

Our team of Sales rep and Hardware Specialists will deliver proper specifications that will meet your performance, environmental and competitive needs.

Technical Skill & Expertise

System integration skills

Our Production Department will provide with all assembly services, among which mechanical, electrical, software setup, until the final test has taken place.

Système Intégration Skills