Designed for mission-critical applications

APLUS SA 1U computer

1U, 300mm Depth, Rugged Server
1U, 300mm Depth, Rugged Workstation

The S1U5 and W1U5 series are the Ultra Compact and High performance members of APLUS Système Automation’s Rugged Servers and Workstations range.

Industry-Leading Performance, Reliable, Rugged
Featuring a last generation Intel Xeon D Processors up to 12 cores, the S1U5 provides the user with an exceptional performance/power consumption ratio in an ultra-compact foot print. The S1U5 is the ideal choice for all Industrial or Military applications that require high computing power associated with a very low consumption, but also high environmental strength. On the same form factor, the W1U5 offers the user the services of a low cost rugged computer.

Scalable, Versatile
The S1U5 & W1U5 offers the ideal computing solution for Industrial, Heavy Industrial or Military field. The user is able to choose the options which best fit the application’s needs. Depending of application need, various power supplies are available: Single PSU 36 to 72V DC, Single PSU 18 to 36V DC or Single PSU 90 to 264V AC.

Designed for mission-critical applications
APLUS Système Automation S1U5 & W1U5 Servers or Workstations are designed to operate reliably in harsh environments. S1U5 & W1U5 uses support brackets to secure add-on card, honeycomb openings, slave and silentblock mounted fans for optimal temperature stability and minimal noise. S1U5 Server & W1U5 Workstation are also designed to mitigate electric and electromagnetic interference, up to Military class.


PDF Product sheet - S1U5 / W1U5


Support the latest Intel® Xeon D Up to 3 hot-swappable 2’’5 Silicium disks 250W, 18-36V DC Power Supply
Desktop or 1U Rack Mount Unit Optionnal RAID data storage 300W, 36-72V DC Power Supply
Very short Depth (300 mm) Adaptive cooling to Lower Noise 300W, 90-264V AC Power Supply
Marine 316L Stainless Steel chassis

The Ultra Compact 1U Rugged Server is available in three grades:

Industrial Grade

Industrial Grade

Rugged Grade

Rugged Grade

Military Grade

Military Grade


Qualified AddOn Boards on Military grade servers:

Sunhillo Multi Protocol Server card: PCE335

Sunhillo Multi Protocol Server card: PCE335 The PCE335 is a Multi-Protocol Server card who provides 4 high speed serial lines. A wide range of protocols are available (X.25, HDLC, TA-LIB, L16 etc…)

Intel Ethernet Adapters: i350T4 V2, X710T4…
LSI Mega Raid cards: MR-SAS9341

LSI card MR-SAS9341 is a High performance with a throughput of 12 Gbit/s, PCI Express® 3.0 host interface for superior system performance.