APLUS Système Automation has a complete range of CompactPCI cards for products ranging from 3U to 6U connected via a PCI passive bus. Up to 8 cards can be connected together in one segment. The segments can be connected by bridges. These cards are grouped into four categories: CPU, Communication, Inputs / Outputs, PMC card carriers. These are both industrial chassis, servers that offer efficiency and economic compromise, CPU boards and network I/O.

Digital I/O compactPCI cards

Digital I/O CompactPCI cards
cPCI-1500 3U, 16 digital inputs and 16 digital outputs, 24V isolated
cPCI-1564 3U, 32 digital inputs, isolated 24 V, of which 16 are switchable, filtered
32 digital outputs, isolated 24 V
cPCI-7432(HIR) (*) 3U, 32 Inputs + 32 Isolated Digital Outputs, 24V
cPCI-7433(HIR) (*) 3U, 64 Isolated digital inputs, 24V
cPCI-7434(HIR) (*) 3U, 64 Isolated Digital Outputs
*HIR: 50V insulation instead of 24V.
cPCI-7252 3U, 8 relay outputs and 8 opto-isolated inputs

Analog I/O compactPCI cards

Compact PCI Analog I/O cards
cPCI-3120 3U, 16 unipolar inputs / 8 differential inputs, 16 bits, 100 kHz
8 or 4 analog outputs, 14 bit
cPCI-6208/6216 Series 3U, 8 or 16 analog outputs
15-bit current outputs or 16-bit voltage outputs

Multi-functions compactPCI cards

Compact PCI mulfifunctions
cPCI-1710 3U, counting board with programmable functions on FPGA (incremental encoder, SSI interface, PWM generator, …)
4 independent function modules, each comprising :
– 20 channels for digital inputs, opto-isolated
– 8 channels, optically isolated digital inputs or outputs, selectable
– 4 digital power outputs, opto-isolated
cPCI-3001 3U, 16/8/4 unipolar inputs or 8/4 differential inputs, 12 bits, 100 kHz
4 inputs + 4 opto isolated 24V digital outputs
1 timer 24 bits
cPCI-3009 3U, 16 unipolar inputs or 8 isolated differential inputs, 16 bits, 100kHz
4 isolated analog outputs, 12 bit, current or voltage
8 opto-isolated inputs/outputs 24V
1 reprogrammable counter module
cPCI-8554 3U, 10 general-purpose 16-bit counters
1 32-bit counter
4 clock sources for each counter
8 TTL inputs and 8 TTL outputs
cPCI-9116 3U/6U, multifunction card :
– 64 unipolar inputs or 32 differential 16-bit analog inputs, 250 kHz
– 8 TTL inputs + 8 TTL outputs
– 1 counter/timer 16 bits

Communication/network compactPCI cards

Compact PCI communications cards
cPCI-7500 3U, 4-channel serial cPCI card :
– RS 232, RS 422, RS 485, current loop 20 mA
– with galvanic isolation 1000 V
cPCI-3544 3U, 32-bit, 4 isolated RS-422/485 ports
cPCI-7841 3U, 32-bit, interface card 2 isolated CAN ports
3U, 2 or 4 Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 ports

Carrier boards compactPCI

CompactPCI Carrier card
cPCI-3W10 3U, 32-bit carrier card, 33/66MHz, 1 mini PCIe + 1 mini PCI + 1 SIM
cPCI-8602 6U, 64bits, 33/66MHz, dual PMC carrier board
cPCI-8301 3U, 64bits, 33/66MHz, PMC carrier card

CompactPCI serial cards(cPCI-S.0)

Compact PCI others formats
cPCIs-1711 3U, cPCI-S.0, counting board with programmable functions on FPGA (incremental encoder, SSI interface, MLI generator, …)
4 independent function modules, each comprising :
– 28 TTL channels
– 1 digital power output, optically isolated
cPCIs-3121 3U, cPCI-S.0, 16 unipolar inputs / 8 differential inputs, 16 bit, 100 kHz
8 or 4 analog outputs, 16 bit
8 opto-isolated digital I/Os 24V
Timer, Watchdog
cPCI-A3X10 3U, cPCI-S.0, carrier board for XMC module
cPCI-A3H10 3U, cPCI-S.0, 2.5″ 6Gb/s mass storage carrier card
cPCIs-1532 3U, cPCI-S.0, 16 inputs + 16 isolated digital outputs 24V board