Project management

As your project takes off, APLUS Système Automation will dedicate a Project Manager. As a key contact person, he will coordinate all Company resources to reach objectives according to the project planning. He will provide Customer with all necessary updates, regarding:

  • – Planning follow-up
  • – Product Specification
  • – Documentation
  • – Drawings
  • – Qualifications
  • – MTBF calculation
  • – Any extra documents required

The Project Manager is involved in every step of the project from definition to delivery and life cycle management.

2U Workstation | APLUS Système Automation

Design & Prototypes

APLUS Système Automation creates its own Embedded Servers range, that can be modified to particular requirements, from heavy reworking to minor connectivity or body paint changes.

Rack server S2U5 by APLUS Système Automation


With 4000 square meters including 1,400 m2 of production floor, APLUS Système Automation has 16 assembly lines offering a global monthly production capability of about 1,400 computer systems.

Production Department handles all hardware operations from Product prototypes to mass production.

Product Manager is the key person no matter one-offs systems or recurring configurations, to control Quality and Customers requirements are fulfilled at every step of the project.

Production Department | APLUS Système Automation

Test & soft | APLUS Système Automation


APLUS Système Automation products range also features COTS products, Embedded PCs, and computer components that can be integrated in more complex systems. Full pre and after Sales Support is delivered to all of our Product Ranges.

Assembly chain | APLUS Système Automation

Lifecycle management

APLUS Système Automation will provide last time ordert and last time delivery date to Customer so he will have the visibility allowing him to take requested actions to extend system lifetime according to his requirements. APLUS Système Automation will propose:

  • – Spare Parts according to expected failure rate.
  • – Long-Term Storage procedures and facility.

Test & software | APLUS Système Automation