MXCS black color

MXCS grey color

APLUS Système Automation is able to provide you with a 19” extended temperature rack server solution : The MXCS-RK. This 19” rack version of the MXCS is a robust, powerful and high-performance, fanless, embedded low-power server. MXCS servers are designed for use in harsh environments. They are available in a variety of difference cases including those with 19” racks.

The MXCS-RK version comes with new advantages such as:

  • – rugged product design.
  • – cooling by conduction.
  • – waterproofed racks to insulate the electronic core against dust, humidity or volatile polluants.
  • – an operating temperture of between -20°C & 60°C.
  • – Conforms to MIL-STD810 (Military), ENL50155 (train) or IEC 60945 (Naval) norms.


The MXCS boxes can use up to 8 x 2.5” SSD’s. Unlimited extensions are possible via a PCI 104-Express card and a mini PCIe. The 19” rack server is air-cooled and intended to be used in an environment with temperatures from -20°C up to 60°C. As an option it can be equipped with a failsafe ventilation system which avoids blowing air and dust onto it’s electronic components. The system is designed to meet standards conforming to MIL-STD810, EN50155 or IEC 60945.

The main features

Rear panel configuration

Rear panel configuration

Processor Intel Xeon D-1548 Intel Xeon D-1577 Intel Xeon D-1587
CPU speed 2.0 / 2.6GHz 1.3 / 2.1GHz 1.7 / 2.3GHz
Cores / threads 8 / 16 16 / 32 16 / 32
Level 2 cache 12 MB 24 MB 24 MB
Memory Up to 128GB DDR4 ECC in four RDIMM slots
Operating temperature -20°C up to +60°C (fanless) fan solution recommended for rack integration
Storage temperature -45°C up to +85°C
Function Overview
Graphics PCIe x16 1x PEG graphic expansion
Ethernet Up to 6x Gbit copper / 2x 10Gbit SFP+ (MXCS-1529 SFP only)
USB 4x USB 2 4x USB 3.0
Serial lines 1x RS232 on connector 1x RS232/422/485 on DB-9
Storage interface 4 x mSATA / m.2 Key M ports Optional RAID controller, up to 8x SAS/SATA
Input Voltage range 24 VDC (+50/-20%)
Power consumption 40-100 watts
Internal expansion 4x mPCIe PCI Express Gen2 x1 lane & USB2 1x PCIe x8, 4x PCIe x1 lane, 2x USB2
Special features WoL, TPM, Ignition input for vehicles
Size 415mm x 19″ x 2U