APLUS Système Automation offers intelligent Ethernet systems for industrial measurement, control and automation applications directly in the field. The systems can be freely daisychained and synchronised from any computer.

Ethernet remote systems

msx-e1516 16 digital I/O inputs, 24V
msx-e1701 4 incremental encoder inputs or 8 PWM outputs
16 digital I/Os …
msx-e3011 16 analog inputs, differential, 16 bits, 100KHz
Simultaneous acquisition of 4 inputs
Voltage or current inputs
msx-e3017 Multidimensional measuring system
1 32-bit incremental encoder input
4 differential analog inputs, 24 bits, 100KHz
2 digital I/O, 24V
msx-e3317 Multidimensional measuring system
1 32-bit incremental encoder input
4 strain gauge inputs, 24 bits
2 digital I/O, 24V
msx-e3211 Systems for temperature measurement
16/8/4 differential inputs, 24 bits
Thermocouple or RTD probes
msx-e3601 Noise and vibration measuring system
8 or 2 unipolar or differential inputs, 24 V
Simultaneous acquisition
8 or 2 current sources for ICP® or IEPE® sensors
On-board calibration
24 V digital trigger input
msx-e3711 Ethernet system for inductive measuring sensors
Simultaneous acquisition of up to 8 inductive distance sensors
For half-bridge, LVDT, Mahr or Knäbel transducers
1 incremental counter input (32 bits)
1 input for temperature measurement (Pt 100) or for thermocouple probes (TC)
24 V digital trigger input

USB DAQ: USB remote I/O

Simply plug the USB DAQ into a USB port on your computer. You will obtain equal performance to add-on cards. No need to power down to open the chassis.

USB-1210 4 analog inputs, 16 bits, 2MHz
Simultaneous sampling of the 4 channels
USB-2405 4 analog inputs, 24 bit, 128KE/s
24-bit digital anti-aliasing filter
32 isolated digital I/Os (USB-7230)
8 relay outputs
8 isolated digital outputs (USB-7250)
2 counter inputs
USB-2401 4 analog inputs, 24 bit
Integrated signal conditioning for thermocouple, RTD, strain gauge …
16 analog voltage inputs, 16 bits, 250KHz (USB-1901/1902)
8 current analog inputs, 16-bit, 250KHz (USB-1903)
2 analog voltage outputs, 16 bits, 1Mhz (USB-1902/1903)