Robust rack more particularly intented for industrial use where resistance to severe environments is essential.

Dimensions 19”, 4U , depth 435 mm
Chassis 15/10th stainless steel
Colors Black matt satin or beige, (other colors on request)
Bays 3 5-1/4” frontal bays and two 3-1/2” bays
Backplane any 14-slot passive backplane (ISA, PCI, PCISA, PIAGP)
Shielding IP54 on the front panel and IP32 on remainder of frame
Quick-close cover, no screwdriver needed
Reinforced top
Removable front panel for easy access to filters and customization
Manual closing and key lock
Cards secured with an adjustable bar
Dual fan ventilation system
Removable handles
Customization on request
The 9514CE rack has successfully passed all EMC environmental tests and complies with the following standards:
  • – EN 55011 (Class A)
  • – EN 55022 (Class B)
  • – EN 50081-2
  • – EN 50082-2
  • – EN 61000-4-2
  • – ENV 50140
  • – EN 50141
  • – EN 6100-4-4
  • – FCC Class B
The 9514CE rack has also obtained the following qualifications
    5-33Hz vibrations with an amplitude of +/-0,125mm

  • – GAM EG 13A
  • – GAM EG 13C
  • – MIL STD 461D
  • – Climate Tests 72 hours operating between -5°C and +20°C and 24-hour cycles at 55°C/20°C
  • – The Mechanical Tests half-sine pulse of 15g – 11ms along three axes
Tempest certification for the rack 9514CE is in progress
Backplane ISA, PCI & PCI64, PICMG, PCISA or PIAGP backplane (with AGP 8X slot) and any combination
CPU Cards All In One” CPU cards with VGA, Network, AUDIO, RAID, single or dual processor
Hard Disks SATA or SAS
Operating System Windows, Linux


9514 rack