Co-processor of communications for WAN networks

PCE335 / PCE335-HSI

Intelligent communication card, multifunction, PCI Express, 4 WAN ports (4 x 2 Mbps)

The PCE335 board is a coupler of
intelligent communications, which
provided 4 serial / high synchronous links
performance for networks
WAN type.

Very high performance

  • Communications co-processor Power Quick II
  • 128MB SRAM user
  • Nonvolatile local memory for the application
  • 4 channels with a sustained bit rate of 2Mbit/s per channel
  • NexusWare, specialized Linux distribution communications


  • Linux type API for implementation of specific protocols
  • Standard protocols «out of the box»


  • Addon PCI cards, compact PCI or PCI Express
  • Standalone Protocol Server 19” 1U
  • NexusWare unified development environment